you’re in overtime


the 601 don’t even clear my head no more 
4 am and i don’t know where to go 
you’re in overtime 
doing laps round my mental 
overtime on mine 
with others on your mind 
others on your mind

[beat by THOMAS NG

the only thing left for me to do is ride these waves and streets and wait for you. whatever you do i’ll do, i’ll follow. and if you don’t want me to follow i hope i’ll find peace. 

peace in the small things peace in the seconds between thoughts, peace in the minutes on walks, peace in gardens, in open space, peace between the flowers you


you're in overtime

fly between the flowers fly high between these flowers 

eternal flowers for valentines but eternity is too long, too long, i don’t think about tomorrow only today, tomorrow too hazy, tomorrow too far away, yesterday too far away, i only think right now. thinking about technology. reading digital minimalism. rereading deep work. rejoining mental and physical clarity after being sick. work and love is the ultimate – connect work and love and i’m golden. forever golden, forever glowing, forever loving. GOLD GROWS BELOW YOU (AND ME).