köln based alternative electronic music artist.

all made by phl.

songwriting, lyrics, images, music and art.

somewhere between art and reality.

need freedom immediately header

need freedom immediately

too many hours spent alone
too many hours at the peak of our existence spent locked down

and honestly the only ones who don’t wear a mask properly are old fucks
who WE need to be saving but then THEY take their mask off and touch
every last penny and then lick their fingers? yes, you GO.

need freedom immediately

worlds collapsing and i’m in here for good 

need freedom immediately
sick for so long cant remember

sick for so long

been sick for so long i can’t remember what it’s like not to be down 

woke up to calls from you whispering then shouting 
took to much and you expected your heart to burst out of your chest any minute 
free itself from attachement to your body 
lose itself in trying to catch up with your brain going more miles 
more and more miles a minute each second over 

5 minutes in and i’m on my way, phone on the dash, reality a blur
i ain’t quite there myself, friday nights take me down 
fake me down

get to you to give you more, more will always help 
more love more hurt more understanding 
more DOWN more DOWN

love in this world 


sick so long can't remember
sick so long can't remember

i’m intensely in love with eurythmics and i’ve been watching performances 
left and right. i really think they’re one of the best bands to have existed. 
annie lennox, holy fuck

been dealing with some shit from this jumbled mess of a life 
there’s heat in me where there shouldn’t be 
and it’s fighting the fire that runs my system normally 
it’s fire against heat and i can’t stand up to all that shit any longer 
my mouth foaming my heart burning my soul in heat 
in sweaty wet heat 
the kinda heat you don’t want 
the kinda heat of the jungle 
the kinda heat that tears you down

been sick for so long 
i don’t remember what it’s like
not to be down

silent sky post header image

silent sky

silent sky 

there’s correlation between seeing you and seeing night fall, it’s as if the city warns 
me with reflections in windows passing by like souls of the past, reminding me that 
yes there was something in us, there was something good, something more than i 
feel now. the light is warning me against forgetting us and forgetting this feeling, 
against being lost in whatever this new life is, whatever this new love is. it might feel
right in the moment but it might not feel right comparing. this street conscious keeps 
me wandering and looking into the silent sky. and i go on and i search for you but 
all i can see is memory, you and your skin & your love & your mind & your painting. 

silent sky

silent sky post words and poem writing
silent sky post words and poem writing
silent sky post words and poem writing

in my room with a window to the world 
there’s a window to the world and the world is a window to you
a reflection of you and an easy one to see 
a connectin to you and an easy one to miss 

where are you going to be when i need you? 
where are you going to be when i want you? 


some things i liked today: 

don’t make me loose my mind
it’s only worth it if we try 
and retry 
and do again. 

don’t make me loose my fire 
it’s only worth it if we try
and retry
and do again.

help me doing things again.

if you didn’t catch it i released a vlog yesterday
you should watch it on youtube 

xlog001 - youtube video 001 playlist updates alt art vibes


my first VLOG is live on youtube.

some playlist updates to my alt art vibes playlist which you can find here:

and some other poem things that you might enjoy. 

love you for watching and sharing <3 



treat me like fire

treat me like fire 
burning through you 

and treat me like hell 
when i come back to you 



your love feels cool

tell me more 
than you can say
when others are around


boycott whatsapp people please 

imessage only from now on

can i trust you?

can i trust you to recreate this feeling?

trust me

can i trust?

i’ve been listening to ‘Im your Empress Of’ by Empress Of today. it’s fucking bomb.


i highly recommend you checking this shit out for yourself 
listen from beginning to end it’s an EXPERIENCE

women rule 

all your love header

all your love today

all your love today
all your love today
all your love today

i see tired eyes trying to wake me up
but it ain’t enough
your body ain’t enough
give me all your love

today and every day

i just revamped some of this shit
so please share with a friend



i just remembered that i did some audio shit here 

do that again i guess. 


also been high on tea who would’ve thought 


my mind is going 100 miles if you haven’t figured out by now



lost in visions of you

lost in visions of you 
division by you 
incision on you 

correct me if im wrong but i feel like we’re cool