weather going crazy

weather going crazy

weather going crazy, almost flew, light-weight, feather-weight, fly-weight – flew. winds picking up even more but i’m inside, 4 walls keeping safe, that’s what’s been happening the last year. lockdowns been going on that long. i remember thinking this would last a few weeks max. germany still ain’t vaccinating people at any reasonable rate. maybe i should get back to flying. been working on my art for the last couple of days and now that that’s out i’ll be focusing on moving art, videos and images more. i fucking need to reach some people cause hey my shit is good. like real good. my next single is scheduled already and will be out on march 26th. i am excited for that, really fucking excited, really fucking excited. there’s a lot to do in order for that to be a success but i’ve got time and energy. time and energy.

weather going crazy

been dealing with a lot of shit regarding the cover art for that single bc itunes seems to have restrictions and tunecore doesn’t seem to have balls. my last cover art went through with all the typography but this one was denied. fuck them. gonna display my version everywhere, that’s different from streaming services. well.

so funny, the wording: ‘GUIDELINES FOR ARTWORKS‘. how do you have guidelines for an artwork? corporate bullshit. buuut i am a nobody so nobody cares. oh well. maybe i’ll be somebody. i’ll shit on their parade with so much typography you can’t even imagine.

cover reveal soon.

just found this dude making my lockdown a little easier:

weather going crazy i’m flying away
wanna fly away
keep me flying away
step up, fly away
take me away
take us away
fly away
weather going crazy
fly away.