sick for so long cant remember

sick for so long

been sick for so long i can’t remember what it’s like not to be down 

woke up to calls from you whispering then shouting 
took to much and you expected your heart to burst out of your chest any minute 
free itself from attachement to your body 
lose itself in trying to catch up with your brain going more miles 
more and more miles a minute each second over 

5 minutes in and i’m on my way, phone on the dash, reality a blur
i ain’t quite there myself, friday nights take me down 
fake me down

get to you to give you more, more will always help 
more love more hurt more understanding 
more DOWN more DOWN

love in this world 


sick so long can't remember
sick so long can't remember

i’m intensely in love with eurythmics and i’ve been watching performances 
left and right. i really think they’re one of the best bands to have existed. 
annie lennox, holy fuck

been dealing with some shit from this jumbled mess of a life 
there’s heat in me where there shouldn’t be 
and it’s fighting the fire that runs my system normally 
it’s fire against heat and i can’t stand up to all that shit any longer 
my mouth foaming my heart burning my soul in heat 
in sweaty wet heat 
the kinda heat you don’t want 
the kinda heat of the jungle 
the kinda heat that tears you down

been sick for so long 
i don’t remember what it’s like
not to be down