relations unmatched

relations unmatched


no memory of tomorrow 
we’re too far out 
relations unmatched
open the hatch and jump out 
fly out 
find a better way out

hear the audio

relations unmatched

walking through the city remembering what you look like – the nights are blurry your face remains true in color. all color loses meaning all color loses temporary existence all color fades. currently reading nomadland. wow. america the beautiful. been more and more in love with europe. the sun makes me think i should be living in the south of france. all this energy, all this life, all this motivation i get. i don’t remember being that reliant on sunlight. but i am. photo synthesis in my eyelids, no oxygen but ideas, no life but love. everything love. there’s a film based on that book too. watching soon. listening to how to change your mind too. gotta change my mind. it’s changing my mind. LEGALIZE.


working day and night myself. finally back on track finally back. nft soon. music soon. february 26th

at this pace i’ll outrun my shadow


i enjoy showing people things. i enjoy making people feel and sharing experiences. when i think of something that brings me joy it is giving other people something mental they didn’t have before. feeling. more feeling for everybody. that’s why i’m doing this. thinking of you. thought of you. your thoughts to you and my thoughts for you.