redoing the studio

redoing the studio

redoing the studio. nothing can stay in its place for more than a few months and it’s that time again, things have to change. change is good change is needed. seasons changing right now, warmer and warmer where i’m at which lifts moods for sure. we cahnged time a few nights ago and my rhythm is fucked so i stay up redoing the studio. out with the old, and by old i mean everything. take everything away and add one by one, not much. walls blank, shelves blank. there will be no decoration only work. things that work. camera. microphone. cubase. that’s all i need that’s all i will keep. out with the old in with nothing but my imagination. 

100love music video coming tomorrow. really fucking happy with how its turning out. just a fun collage of a few nights. color grading is my enemy. 

started reading einstein: his life and universe. love a genius. 

redoing the studio

alternative cover for 100love lol

gotta find a way to make this space sound better still, my vocals will be drenched in rverb otherwise. LOVE.