out of practice

out of practice

out of practice for this, out of ideas for this for a while but looking back i like what i’m reading. i had the illusion people would find me through here; false. you here because you want to be here. search and find. welcome. shifts happening in my mind, working more shifts than i did before, more hours in the studio and less time wasted. labour bears fruit. waiting for fruit. waiting for fruit.

out of practice

i’ve got a new song coming 18 june 2021 which is only a week away. ‘in pink’ soon. it’s all yours soon. filming some shit for that, working on new things for that, trying new things for that.

trying to find an audience. trying to find you. and it’s been hard. really hard. focusing on tiktok now, instagram dead in the water. tiktok feels promising. you feel promising. promise me, try me. quality up, quantity up. not either or, both. youtube been sucking me in with promises once again, new video out friday – trying to find an audience. quality and quantity. i’ve been documenting my studio time from time to time. moving faster than before i feel, june and the way it moves is scary. longest day of the year approaching with lightspeed.

this guy just raised the bar.

trying to write in my breaks instead of scrolling through endless repetitions of the same. worth a try, worth every word i spend, i’m spending a lot. daily writing is a must. daily reading for you.

y’all people ain’t writing blogs anymore and im sad about it. where are you musicians writing blogs? talking bout life like talking to a friend.

treat your vocal like an instrument.

don’t forget beauty in everyday. beauty comes. the endgoal is beauty.

out of practice