no shortcut

no shortcut

there ain’t no shortcut which is why so many give up. there just ain’t no shortcut which is why i am taking the long way round but honestly i believe, cause if i didn’t this place would’ve gone up in flames many years ago. i still believe and that’s foolish you know, i know different. our worlds are different and yours is boring. mine ain’t boring and though i feel like it sometimes i ain’t boring. that’s a lot of faith to have. 

been praying on my knees while you hover above me right above me push me down and fill me with joy. there ain’t no god in these halls. there ain’t no god in these halls. 

more and more lost in tinas world of 80s new york city, she lives a life and a half in those years. there ain’t no god there either and i love that. fuck a god.

billie eilish is god. i just saw these images by quil lemons and fucking hell does he shoot images. 

there ain’t no SHORTCUT. 

scrolling ain’t helping.