minds at ease minds in exhaustion

you heard that there will be a new single coming february 26th? if not don’t worry i’ll keep on reminding. there’s lots to gain listening so listen 

 i’ve been eating healthy and i can’t stand vegetables so my mission is to make vegetables taste as little as vegetable as possible. harder than you think. chili, zhatar, piment all been helping. eating good making me think good, work better. i need to work better. there’s beauty in working good then fucking good. one helps the other.

minds at ease 
minds in exhaustion
nothing more than pure emotion

spending the minutes not spent writing on geoguessr extending my neurons. challenge mode BEAST but damn do i need to work on that. he shows how its done. so many countries my ignorant ass can’t place. 

been thinking about redecorating walls – how long till i move? there’s time to do small things there’s reason to do them, i think my stu needs more art to remind me of you. to remind me of what i am capable of. my boy just made the best gift in form of an original by cj hendry that shouts at me for a permanent place. i remember slanted walls kill creativity, is that true? it kills traditional art for sure. 

i’ve been trying to find other artists who write, anyone got anyone? 
i’m @phlwest everywhere, drop me a link. 

working on a more beautiful RSS too, writing feels freeing.