I been looking through partially opened blinds at the line in front of the club for months every now and again. Although there is value in voyeurism and I need just that for my music, I learned that I need to be more approachable – and approach more. I decided to join. It’s been good so far – these are my people, you are my people. The inspiration to write more openly comes partly from a recent newsletter I read: reading from a person you care about feels good. 

I’m deep on the last stretch of Vocal Recording for my upcoming EP – it’s been a while since new music left this Studio, but I hope the 7 tracks that are coming will be worth the wait. Recording Vocals is the most demanding part of a song for me, I feel like banging my head against the same wood wall over and over again – I don’t get particularly hurt but I do not make progress. The time it takes makes me wonder if I’m making progress at all. I envy painters whose hands are the medium to control, vocal cords are fucking illusive. 

There is a routine that is starting to develop and I am trying to solidify it. Songs, personal ones, the way I do them, are intricate seas swaying from one emotional extreme to another, a routine around creating them keeps them in check, at least a little. 

I’ve been at the ocean for a few weeks recently, the one full of salt water. Would all tears shed by humans fill the Atlantic? A form of humility when looking into endless water. A form of purity, selflessness and freedom. The goal is to see the ocean twice a year, every year. I expected to record and make music in the mediterranean, but the sun had different plans, and so we followed. I learned the Spanish know the language of the sun. I mean to learn spanish some time, before the end of the world; I learned I need to make promises and keep them because spanish guys are big on promises. And dicks.

Since being back I been doing Techno better than ever, the real, hard, German type. Some tracks to get you in the loop: 

If you wanna handle this with me somewhere at some point shoot me a message and let’s rave together. The monotony and sameness is exhilerating in a world focused on individualism, especially on social media. There is freedom in same, there is sanity in same. We’re all on the same drugs and nothing else matters. The scene in my hometown is growing and I couldn’t be more proud – this is the first time I’ve felt any real connection to a place, and still I could live anywhere with you and call it home. 

These nights have brought my understanding of community to a new level, we are party, it’s our DNA. Leaving for the darkroom and being new on the come out is exhilerating. 

My body is the record of those I have loved

I will leave with some images that encapsulate the feeling of the last couple of months and I will get back to recording – we’ll speak once this EP is done. 

Together we are love,