5am Violence The physical aussault of techno does something to me, how come inspiration for music hits in dirty club bathrooms? I guess I can see your beauty far more clear in contrast to the brutalist minimalism of punding kick and bass. You become more beautiful and I become more aware. There is a kind […]

art when out now

Art When out now My new song ‘Art When’ is out now everywhere! LISTEN Cherry lips in crystal light of clubs inspire me always, this song breathes togetherness. There ain’t nothing more honest than kissing lips, and you look like art when we do. You are my Lisa at the Louvre. These synths as recollection […]

I watch time fly, these cycles always repeating, so I’m back in the studio working on new music. It feels like I never left, it feels like I’ve never been here. Creativity as silence, fleeting, like air. And still it’s got me in a chokehold, no life in my lung. These last couple of weeks […]

Together, my new album, is out now everywhere LISTEN Together: a collection of songs you play at 5am speeding home from the club, deciding whether you wanna give the afters a go, deciding if you wanna fuck a stranger, deciding whether you’re gonna double text your crush, deciding whether all you want is an orgy […]

TOGETHER will be out January 05th This is going one eighty thinking of your beauty, this is leaving clubs tattooed in hedonism; this is 5am calls for a strangers body. This is TOGETHER, out January fifth. I see white lines moving past, peripheral vision, and I wish they would’ve helped me in finishing this project, […]

Life (work) currently feels like a Polaroid slowly appearing – there’s color there, there’s shape there and as long as I’m patient love will appear. I am tweaking the final Master for this EP – I have not yet listened, I can do that only once it’s complete. Still in the Dark Room – shapes, […]

Lately I been looking through partially opened blinds at the line in front of the club for months every now and again. Although there is value in voyeurism and I need just that for my music, I learned that I need to be more approachable – and approach more. I decided to join. It’s been […]

i like this boy

if i were a techno dj i wouldn’t let you breathe for even a second