art when out now

Art When out now

My new song ‘Art When’ is out now everywhere!

Cherry lips in crystal light of clubs inspire me always, this song breathes togetherness. There ain’t nothing more honest than kissing lips, and you look like art when we do. You are my Lisa at the Louvre. These synths as recollection of artificiality of a club, these lyrics as real as they get. 

Talked about creating songs in my interview with MYP-Mag recently – usually I take long to finish music. This was different – creation flew by like 3am talks with your loved one. Suddenly shit makes sense. Came up with the synth melody you hear in the last Chorus first. I love it, but as Hans says: sometimes you have to kill your darlings – so it does not get much space on its own, I wanted to shorten the track. You can hear it in the background of the last Chorus still, and I love when you get to uncover different elements throughout various listens, at first you’re mainly focused on the voice and harmonies, but after a few listens you’re exploring production elements, such as this synth melody. I want to make each new listen and exploration worth it. The melody is worth it. You’re allowed to fall in love with something again and again.

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[Verse I]

Crystal glitter on your cherry lip 
That ain’t gloss, that’s passion bitch 
Mm, I can taste it all 
Mm, I can taste it all 

Look at you ex on his way to god
Why you keep praying to be popular too?
Still see him in the way you fuck 
That’s him in the way you fuck 


You are art when we kiss 
Got bruises on both sides of my lip 
You my Lisa at the Louvre
This the right place, this the right time 

You are art when we kiss 
Bruises on both sides of my lip 
Right place right time 
Bruises on both sides

[Verse II] / [Bridge]

I know you still on his dick 
That’s fine, I’m good with you two 
I be your lover in breaks 
Be your lover in breaks 

I’ma pick you up and carry you 
To him 

As mentioned, I will now be focusing on singles, which means more music more quickly, more freedom and lots of fun. I’m aiming for a minimum of a song a month, I’m hoping to be able to give you twice that.

Thank you for being here and for listening. Here’s a quick acoustic Chorus for Art When, this will be on socials in a few days:

— phlwest