all this shit to say to myself

all this shit to say to myself

i just realized that i’ve got all this shit to say to myself and in my songs and poems but then i’m struggling to write on this blog. i guess i’ve gotta see that nobody cares, nobody really cares anyway, maybe then i’ve got more to say. i’ve realized that i plan much more thoroughly than i execute which is crazy to think about. thinking about. how much thinking can i do? apparently i can do a lot of thinking which leads to less execution. i guess i need thinking. but then again, not that much. not as much as i do. 

there’s a document for every day and it’s filled with 3k words + each turn around our axis. that’s a lot of thinking to do. i do need to think, i just need to execute now. use that as foundation. use that as starting point. use that as starting points. there’s frustration in realizing from idea but there is beauty in that. somewhere. under winter suns this beauty seems forgotten and lust for life takes a backseat in my bmw e30. i wish i’d own that car.

i was riding around recently and i heard some songs on some raedio station. 

i don’t listen to raedio. 

i listen to you at night when writing this, to your voice colliding from left to right inside. you bring color to the inside, you bring life to the inside, my inside, you fuck me up from the inside and i let you cause you look like you do, you look like only you do.

streets were full of ICE and sliding was fun. gotta get into drifting. hah.