a talk on life

a talk on life

just released my newest xlog – a talk on life on youtube. watch it here:

some quick thoughts about what has been going on and what is going on looking towards the future. 

my new song come in on me is out which you have probably heard about by now. i’m thankful for y’alls love and i’m thankful if you share it with friends and family and enemies. maybe they’ll hate you for it cause it fucking sucks ass. just try it. 

wanderlust is taking over my mind – i really wanna explore europe and i really wanna do it as soon as possible. i long for REAL LIFE. it seems as though german efficiency is lost somewhere along the way of administering these vaccines though. we love that. 

wanna go to as many beaches as possible, wanna go to as many clubs as possible, wanna fuck as many bitches as possible; just live life you know. 

music is working out pretty well, my next song is on its way, coming along fine. i feel like i’m getting better at mixing and i don’t hate it as much anymore which is fire. there’s beauty in that and there’s beauty in that song that’s coming. 

continously working on digital art that will be released as NFTs soon, next week if everything goes to plan. digital art but cool. love that. trying something new in that space. 

writing so many lyrics, so many words anyway, i need to do shit with that. that’s the way. add on, not take away, keep going, not take away. make some money from it, hopefully. 

this weather is making me be outside more which feels great. at least something to do. quarantine got me fucked up, just waiting for something to happen with nothing to look forward to drains. everything. not my balls sadly. 

generally things are going well though, i hope you’re well and i wish you well, we’ll hear us very very soon.

just a quick talk on life.

a talk on life