Together, my new album, is out now everywhere

Together: a collection of songs you play at 5am speeding home from the club, deciding whether you wanna give the afters a go, deciding if you wanna fuck a stranger, deciding whether you’re gonna double text your crush, deciding whether all you want is an orgy in your kitchen. 

It’s a space between, it’s life. 

Nothing too serious, but it’s complete, it is everything, so maybe it’s more serious after all.

Together is 7 songs through memory, remembering the night you just had, from standing in line at a club to SALT, which takes you to the dancefloor, BODIES, to the darkroom and then you’re out again by ALL GOOD. There’s vision here and I hope you hear it, see it, feel it.

Remember your Berghain club night throughout listening – memories are found in these songs –  I hope some of this can be the soundtrack to the start of your 2024 and some good nights fucking, be it with your love, alone or a stranger.

This is all me, so it can become all you. No hands but mine touched any of this, from songwriting to producing, to mixing. From cover art to videos. This is an artwork complete. No fakes, this is nothing anybody else could’ve come up with. I hope you hear it.

These songs are lyrical, in-depth; I’m going to outline some of my thoughts for a few lines of ‘Together’. If you’re into this, there will be an online magazine coming with much more in-depth explanations to these songs. You’ll be part of our cult if you buy it, and that’s hot. (More infos on this come soon).

This new five carat all shiny in your callus hand

  • set-up: it’s a guy i’m talking to (callused hand from sports) 
  • physically active 
  • i’m gifting a diamond (wedding, love related)
  • five carat diamonds one of the most expensive – i’m giving everything i can


That’s a blood diamond for you / That’s an endless bond for two

  • reference to blood diamonds from africa 
  • callused hand = diamond with blood on it from hands of guy i’m giving it to
  • diamonds representing wedding = endless bond for two people


Man this world’s not enough for you

  • phonetic reference bond – james bond – one of the most famous bond movies is ‘The World is not Enough’
  • also literal meaning: for this guy i’m gifting a diamond to, although I give everything i can, it might not be enough


Guess my words don’t mean beaucoup / I can’t talk my feelings on you

  • clarifying that no matter what i do / say this guy won’t think it’s enough 
  • i’m more invested in the both of us than he is and I can’t make him love me


I’m all echo man, she’s withering / With you lakeside closing in 

  • reference to greek mythology: tale of echo (in this echo is damned to only be able to repeat words spoken to her)
  • in context: I’m doing anything to please this guy, no opinion of my own out of fear of not being liked, but that makes me lose myself (wither)
  • second reference to greek mythology: narcissus falls in love with himself in mirror image on lake while echo watches
  • in context: this guy is narcissistic and does not care about me or my feelings

These are the first eight lines of the song ‘Together’. There is a lot of thought and idea that went into every single lyric- to make it both interesting to a casual listener and to someone like you, who is part of the cult. I hope you’re interested in more. The online-mag will be out soon.

All Lyrics are available on my website and have also been added to all streaming services (like Spotify and Apple Music).

Now that the music is yours, I’m working on making a physical copy available. There will be a preorder up at some point (stay tuned). 

I’m working on Merch, which is harder than you might think cause I’m looking for quality and I don’t want y’all looking goofy ass in these shirts. More info on this soon.

As said, a digital magazine will be available soon. This a great way to support me cause there won’t be any shipping costs added. 

Also, if you just wanna paypal me some money, heres the link: 


Just to be real: I ain’t making money on this music – I’m doing everything on my own and the quality I’m bringing you costs way more than I’m making. Support local artists, go to drag shows, tip your queens, buy my merch and a Vinyl and the Magazine, buy my art (coming soon). I wanna continue making this for us all. 

Also; preparing for live shows. If you’re reading this, DM me on Instagram with where you’re at so I can see where it makes sense for me to play a gig.

Art that inspired me this month:

  • Good food
  • Good dick
  • Making out to SALT
  • Picassos boy with a pipe
  • Pale Skin
  • Perfume


Happy 2024. The goal is to make more music and make more short form content. I’m thinking of you and long form music video content as well.

Also very interested in some more long-form Lately (Vlog) style videos. Interested in that? 

This year is going to be more intense. 

More work. More music.

2024 INS: 

  • Prep
  • German Accents
  • Techno
  • Walkmans
  • Dilfs
  • Gender Neutral Perfumes
  • Sunburns


2024 OUTS:

  • Charcuterie Boards
  • LinkedIn
  • Vaping
  • Condoms
  • Nepotism (Unless you’re my sugar daddy)
  • Vegans
  • Netflix

Anything easy is not worth pursuing and I hate the idea of a constant feedback loop. Yes, it will generate ‘content’ that your ‘followers’ love more easily, but it won’t create art. Art comes from suffering, it comes from a single mind, it comes from creation away from feedback of others. 

I don’t want to create something you expect, I don’t want to ask your opinion and act accordingly. I want to create value, present a complete idea. If you love it you end up loving on it more than if I deliver something you already know you want. 

Thank you for your love and support.


— phl