TOGETHER will be out January 05th

This is going one eighty thinking of your beauty, this is leaving clubs tattooed in hedonism; this is 5am calls for a strangers body.

This is TOGETHER, out January fifth. 

I see white lines moving past, peripheral vision, and I wish they would’ve helped me in finishing this project, but man they only hindered. Transcendence is involved, I realize, and I am no fast mover by nature.  These seasons come quick, go quicker, and I am left playing catch up. Sometimes I don’t even realize – stuck in a dark room with synths glowing and a repeating melody pounding in my head. It’s like building my own version of heaven, inspired by too many nights spent underground. I know these dark rooms, I know these melodies, I know these synths. I get lost for a while – be it in my own studio or an old heating plant – and man I get music out of that.

These 7 songs are all me; writing, producing, mixing. There’s overlap between, and I am not done with the former until I am finished with all. This mode improves quality but consumes time, so this EP already a full year in the making. Anything easy is not worth pursuing… and this was hard. I hope you love it as much as I do once you listen, preferably speeding to your crush at 4 am, the speed of light, no thought to anyone or anything but you two.

These songs are beauty, these songs are fucking gay, these songs are sex. This is an antidote to pop-musics over-engineered most personal album yet. This is raw, and real. I am tired and exhausted of searching for reality in light, so I went into the dark. That is our reality, this is our community and we are real. 

We are valid whatever we look like. Masc is beauty. Masc is being a fag. Masc is fem. Masculinity is being Together. I am inspired by love and sex and I am in awe of you living your truth, I am watching, I am making art, looking at you, thinking of you, being in you, being with you.

With fresh faces speeding past I realize it ain’t about the details, it’s about feeling. 2023 made this record possible and I am conscious now more than ever: sitting still is death. If you got nothing to do instead of watching TV on a wednesday night I feel sorry for you.

7 Highlights: 

  • Finishing Together 
  • Renaissance Tour
  • Unreal (too many to count) 
  • Gym
  • Spanish sun and sons
  • Pretty Life
  • Amsterdam Gold

We switching to the left lane now, the Autobahn got us. I love starting 2024 with you and with new music. There are gonna be no distractions except for the occasional dark room. We got videos to do, more music to drop and lots and lots of fun to have. I wanna keep the key to your heart just like I’m keeping the key to your cage ’round my neck.

I know I am not afraid of wasting my time doing this, I am afraid of wasting time not doing this. Not revising the same lyric hundreds of times to find small changes, not trying to do the best I can, not trying to push myself further. 2024 will be more of the right things. See you on the other side once Together is released. 

Happy new year.

January 5th. 

Love, phl.