stay with me for one night, 
one night only
so i can say ‘i did’ instead of 
‘what if’

last night, no memory alone 
blurs and sketches of us together 
in light in light in light

Tour Eiffel in my rear-view 
what a night for a few kids
what a life for a few kids

more sleepless nights please, 
many more sleepless nights with you

second degree burns thinking ’bout you

backs against the roof
heads tilted, eye to eye
sun down, night skies
there’s beauty in you
the endless kind

rewind, rewind, rewind, rewind, rewind

when did reality become so much less than i wanted it to be 
when did i start to be okay with less and less and less

unconditional love in a conditional world

nights feel like floating mid-air
not touching ground, feeling
on waves of purple and pink
never quite touching shore

the sun swore at us in pink:
‘take the fucking hint’
we took it and fucked again.

blue glitter in violent skies 
transparent and not withstanding, heat, our heat
anything but heat, please, no heat 
no pressure ——— defeat

it takes a city to get you off my mind

it ain’t love baby, we’re just fucking