verse i
blue veins cross in light
night skies, night lies
i’ll be anyone to you

blood run like liquid gold
coast through my conscious
you got me for life

and i guess it’s just another night for you

you’re david in real forever from now
i’m all you
i’m apollon in life one sided love
i’m all you
realities fade blurr into dreams
i’m all you
i’m all you

verse ii
red skin touch in heat
chemicals connecting
this is forever
for me only
no action, inaction
although i knew
no action, inaction

spotify wrapped 2020

thankful for all you hoes streaming my shit

thankful for all you sharing and blasting my shit

thankful for all you, every single one of you 4.1k

let’s make 2021 bigger and better, gotta survive off of this soon.
no more soon tho

2021 ain’t far.


634 hours quite a lot tbh

01 dec 2020

it starts violently in my mind
but the way through the body and into the real world is
anything but easy
anyway i try
we try to be
what we are not
why try


why am i not letting myself feel this
feel you
feel. you.

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