köln based alternative electronic music artist.

all made by phl.

songwriting, lyrics, images, music and art.

somewhere between art and reality.

body like lavender

your body like lavender, 
my mind like freedom 
be me, me more me, into me, fill me 


you are the natural anesthesiac 
for my thoughts 
through you i will be free 



i see more and more of you listening to david, i love you for it 

keep sharing and dreaming with me 


beaches with bitches

it’s not like we didn’t know about it but damn 
we had a video to film alright ? 
we found this spot right at playa es trenc as far away as possible 
from any human 
and we waited for sunset 

it came 

we came 

the video was made 

then we ran to our car and well 
almost got caught 

apollon in blood

you’re david in real 
forever from now 
i’m all you 
i’m apollon in blood 
one sided love 
i’m all you 

listen to david now

if i could change 
who i was 
would you ? 

would you want to change me ? 

shifts through my mental

how does that grain solo fly ? 

seismic shifts through my mental 
you’re one of them 
moving in and out of consciousness
like waves, like rivers

the great unknown

she is the great unknown 
fucking you means freedom 
and still i move without 

planets align

planets align and oh, 
what have i become ? 
more off than on 
day in and day out 

she is the great unknown, 
fucking you means freedom 
and still i move without 

intentions must evolve

intentions must evolve into action

if i fuck you all day long, would you stay another one ? 



i love everything except the truth 

fuck the truth


where is reality ? = the truth = fuck them = fuck me ?

realities fading

realities are fading in you

you are more than you think, 
only i can see

think of me when you fade
into less than you are 
into more than we are 
into us