continuation of confrontation, stay woke, don’t clean up, behind yourself, beneath yourself, step on all that is dear to you, step on all that you loved, you are dreading all that is to come, action inspires reaction, reaction will be genius, far more than you can imagine, relentless freedom to acquire everything that comes to mind, send up some satellites, send up some aeroplanes, send up someone, send up your hopes and live in what you’ve got left, there’s too little left, too little real, too little of anything that resembles reality, no reality, no focus, only mental architecture falling apart in the face of polished steel, mirror, mirror, in my mind, who is, where is, something worth living, something worth feeling, something worth paying attention, i guess it’s all illusion, i guess we’re nowhere without indistinguishable foolishness, fake it and you’ll see, take it and you’ll see, wake and you’ll see, face the mirror, face yourself