are your songs based in reality ?

they are my reality. what might be real for me might not be for you.
i don’t try to reflect pure reality; it frees me.
i focus on the space beyond reality. it’s home-base.
it’s where i want to grow old.

analog or digital ?

both at the same time. use everything.

what inspired ‘no stranger’?

nights, the time you feel alone but realize it might be on you.
21st century technology and the possibilities it has;
the problems we have in using it.
love. parties. sex.

obsessions ?

pretty wild, though there are baselines:
art, music, photography, design, business, work.
i love reading. ‘the voices of marrakesh’ was great.
i love movies. ‘philomena’ was phenomenal.
i love watching my plants grow, my boyfriend does too.
obsessed with plants.

favorite artists ?

too many to name. i’ve been watching a lot of documentaries lately.
The Universe Of Keith Haring was great.

free time ?

none. hah.

where do you see yourself ?