’bout a lot of stuff

how do they make metal tubes fly
how do they make sure i don’t die

how do they make pineapple
how do they make sure it’s fresh

how do they make the internet
how do they make sure my porn works

how do they make time go forward
what if it turns

how do they make pictures
how do they make sure i see the same things they do

do they ?

if there’s feeling, fuck don’t let it go
don’t let it speed into unknown territory
please don’t
keep me from letting it go

if there’s love, keep loving for you
there’s so much that’s not love out there
please do
keep me from not loving you

  • (re) watch interstellar
  • buy a tree and make a bonsai
  • listen to blond
  • fuck
  • buy eyeshadow and make yourself pretty
  • watch sleep by andy
  • make a playlist for running away
  • buy art from struggling artists
  • buy art from thriving artists
  • redecorate your room to mirror mind
  • drink water
  • read interaction of color
  • never waste your time
  • create art

Had a pretty calm night,
messages fly left and right,
don’t wanna disturb you
you look so pretty sleeping pretty.

Brightness all the way down,
and it’s still too bright,
life’s still too bright
fucking let me have a calm night.

Pulling up to the same driveway,
i’m home i guess.
I’ve smelled these smells before,
4 summers gone ain’t long enough to forget.
Earth remembers the length of my step
and somehow i do too.

4 fucking rounds ’round the sun,
you would think things changed.
You’d think i lost my love, you’d think
i moved on.
You’d think i’d be where i wanted to be,
well, i’m home i guess.

My day doesn’t seem to run from the first ray to the last one,
my day enters with a feeling. It doesn’t end until it’s felt. It was a
long day. I worried it wouldn’t end or end in disaster.

I became disaster.
When there is too much going on, you have to. Adrenaline starts
spinning, left to right. There’s a certain kind of rush in it. There’s
a certain kind of madness to it.

are your songs based in reality ?

they are my reality. what might be real for me might not be for you.
i don’t try to reflect pure reality; it frees me.
i focus on the space beyond reality. it’s home-base.
it’s where i want to grow old.

analog or digital ?

both at the same time. use everything.

what inspired ‘no stranger’?

nights, the time you feel alone but realize it might be on you.
21st century technology and the possibilities it has;
the problems we have in using it.
love. parties. sex.

obsessions ?

pretty wild, though there are baselines:
art, music, photography, design, business, work.
i love reading. ‘the voices of marrakesh’ was great.
i love movies. ‘philomena’ was phenomenal.
i love watching my plants grow, my boyfriend does too.
obsessed with plants.

favorite artists ?

too many to name. i’ve been watching a lot of documentaries lately.
The Universe Of Keith Haring was great.

free time ?

none. hah.

where do you see yourself ?



you’ve made your rounds tonight, on my mind
you’ve spent some time
i’m so far gone undoing days work
pretty soon
i’m fucking sure i could be alright
but you’re playing


you could call me over, call me
spend your nightlife on me


no stranger to the fast life, baby, fast life
no stranger to the fast life, baby, fast life
i swear, i ain’t just some boy, baby, some boy
no stranger to the fast life, baby, fast life


i’m in so deep tonight, loose my mind
i could be on my way
got a chance to fall i swear
this is all on you


i’m moving too fast, you’re moving too fast
make sure to stop for me

i like the idea of something being caught on film. i like that pictures can’t talk.
i’m on my way, doubt in hands, moments before the crash. i don’t know that
it’s coming, a beautiful state of mind.
looking back; i know. but pictures can’t talk.

i don’t want to capture reality; i’ll build my own world.
one that’s upside down, one that’s never standing still.

welcome to my haus.

forever wondering if we’re fast enough. fast enough to call it living.

after life comes music.

v i

i ain’t warm on my own
boy, that’s air-con, it’s man-made
3 am ice (rain) on my eyelids
and i’m lost in the cold of it all.

streets light, real stale thinking
san fran letters spell my reality
and tonight doesn’t look good
boy, i’m back in the cold of it all.


pretty far gone being alone
i guess i don’t warm on my own
pretty far fall being alone
with your phone call on hold


feelings on the low for a quick year
boy, i think i might need you now
300 laps round my hemispheres
boy, i think i might need you now
left on read by reality
boy, i think i might need you now

v ii

i’m on 6 am failling
boy, undoing my night
i ain’t fixed yet
and i’m left in the cold of it all


pretty boys keep busy
fuck, i’ll give it a shot
city boys got options
you got options.