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i’ll move in, right next to you;
won’t hang my art, won’t play your song;
be on the low, keep to myself;
look out the window every now and then.

i’ll hold my memories to higher standards,
honesty feels different and is felt different.
looking back, flipping through years within 
seconds; it gives perspective. much needed 

dissect is dissecting a favorite of mine.

the hot equatorial sun keeps burning through my pale ass skin. i love it.
my place is heating up and ideas start cooking; the night comes too soon.
i’ve been working through 3 am. wake up at 7, every day.
routine over excuses.

i’ve been watering my plants. it’s been helping me water my senses and talents.
i’m becoming a good waterer.

i’ve been writing for long, deleting for longer. the artist roadbloacking art. it’s not a good feeling.
i like these short little windows into someones home of thoughts, collection of memories. it feels
real. if you’re reading this or you’re not – i’ll keep writing, stop deleting. i’ll make something good,
something that lasts, anything. maybe i should put more thought into these…  or less.
more seems good though.